Gov. Gregg Abbott – Q & A on Tax Rates and Valuation

Gov. Greg Abbott is encouraging tax authorities to cut property tax rates, not raise them |

Excerpt Q & A: Property owners are getting their annual appraisals, many with values that are going up. The state legislature passed a cap on how much those tax rates could go up, but the Texas Municipal League says your recent disaster declaration removed that cap. Are you concerned about strapped property owners essentially paying the COVID-19 bill and what can you do to prevent that?

First, I don’t construe the law the same way that the municipal league does. I disagree and I think the Texas attorney general disagrees with that legal interpretation.

Know this, your property taxes are not determined by the valuation of your home. They are determined by the taxing authority.

We are urging taxing authorities to not raise rates, but to cut property tax rates to lessen the burden on property owners in Texas.