Bosque CAD Passes Comptroller MAP Review with 100%

(Meridian) —The Bosque Central Appraisal District passed the Texas Comptroller Methods and Assistance Program (MAP) review with a 100 percent.

Tax Code Section 5.102 requires the Comptroller’s office to review every appraisal district’s governance, taxpayer assistance, operating procedures and appraisal standards, procedures and methodology at least once every two years.

PTAD publishes the final reports on the MAP webpage and sends notification to the Chief Appraiser, Appraisal District board members, Superintendents and the respective board members of all school districts in the county. Typically, final MAP reports are released in January.

The MAP process provides for an appraisal district to resolve any fails within a year of release of its final report. Appraisal districts that fail to resolve a fail within this time frame are reported to Property Value Study (PVS) management. A remaining fail can jeopardize the awarding of grace to school districts that would otherwise qualify for it in the PVS findings.

This review is conducted in accordance with Tax Code Section 5.102(a-1) and related Comptroller Rule 9.301. The Comptroller is required by statute to review appraisal district governance, taxpayer assistance, operating procedures and appraisal standards.

For more information about the MAP Review, contact Bosque Central Appraisal District (254) 435-2304;; or PO Box 393, Meridian, TX 76665.

Click here for the link to the Comptroller’s website with more information about the MAP Review.