Appraisal Review Process 2020


The purpose of this document is to provide Bosque County property owners with basic information concerning the 2020 property tax appraisal process in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Appraisal Issues

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused uncertainties for all citizens this year, and how to proceed in this difficult time is a challenge. The appraisal district has no authority to change or modify the laws as set forth by our Texas Legislature. We are statutorily obligated to appraise property strictly based on January 1 conditions.

A strong demand for Bosque County real estate as of January 1, 2020 is translating into higher 2020 property tax valuations. Since the COVID-19 pandemic did not begin until well after January 1st, any potential economic impact on property values will be reevaluated as of January 1, 2021. Historically, whether developments occurring during the year cause values to increase or decrease, the values on our appraisal notices that are mailed in May have always represented a look back at what the property was worth on January 1st.

Public Access-Office Operations

The appraisal notice process generates a high volume of walk in customers each year. In order to follow the COVID-19 mandates by State and local officials, the appraisal district office has prohibited public access to walk in customers. We have taken this and other actions to ensure the safety of the general public and the appraisal district employees.

Appraisal Review Process

Property owners who wish to file a notice of protest may file electronically by following the instructions that are included on the bottom of the notice of appraised value. For those property owners who wish to file a paper notice of protest form, the form will be included in the notice of appraised value.

In an effort to protect our community and staff, the Bosque County Central Appraisal District is utilizing online, phone and e-mail informal meetings. If a property owner would like to request an informal meeting, they need to indicate that in Section 4 of the Notice of Protest form. They will also need to provide a phone number and email address so an appraiser can contact them. During these meetings, property owners can present information to a registered BCCAD appraiser to determine an agreed value. If an agreement is reached, then the protest is considered resolved and a hearing before the Appraisal Review Board in not necessary.

Taxpayers requesting hearings before the appraisal review board are encouraged to request conference call hearings or may choose to appear by written affidavit. The Appraisal Review Board will hold these types of hearings beginning in June.

The Appraisal district expects to receive a large volume of calls and emails during this time. Staff members will return calls and emails in the order they were received. We are just trying to do the best job we can while navigating uncharted waters in an unprecedented situation and ask the public to be patient during this time.

The appraisal district staff is available to serve the public by phone at (254) 435-2304, by fax (254) 435-6139, by e-mail at, online at, or by regular mail at Bosque County Central Appraisal District PO Box 393, Meridian, TX 76665.