2022 Appraisal Notices on Their Way to Bosque County Property Owners

Deadline to file protests is Friday, July 15

MERIDIAN, Texas – Notices of Appraised Value for the 2022 tax year are on their way to Bosque County property owners and updated market values will be posted on the Bosque Central Appraisal District website (www.Bosquecad.com) in the coming days.

Appraisal notices are being mailed out to over 12,000 Bosque County property owners beginning this week.  The notices include the market value assigned to a property as of Jan. 1 and the taxable value of that property based on its exemptions.

According to the Chief Appraiser, “Bosque County property owners can expect their Notices of Appraised Value to arrive in their mailboxes as early as this week.  In addition to reviewing their market values, Bosque County property owners are encouraged to check their exemption status and learn more about the protest process.”

Overall, the Bosque County appraisal roll increased 36% to $7.28 billion, led by a 45% increase in rural land values, 35% increase in residential properties, 27% increase in commercial properties, and more than $41.4 million in new construction.  According to this year’s values, the 2022 average market value for a residential property in Bosque County is $236,718 and the average taxable value of a residential property is $159,946.

Reviews by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts have found that BCAD’s market values in recent years have been too low.  This review, known as the Property Value Study, is conducted every two years and impacts local school district funding.  Appraisal districts are required by law to appraise property at 100% of market value as of Jan. 1 of the year.

“The data tells a clear story.  The local housing market continues to see rising property values due to high demand and low supply, with many people moving out of the city or buying recreational properties” added the Chief Appraiser.  “But increases in market values should not cause panic about future tax bills.  Property owners with a homestead exemption still benefit from a 10% cap on the increase of their taxable value.”

Increases in market values do not translate directly into increases in property tax bills.  Instead, assessed values are used to determine a property owner’s portion of the total tax levy.  The total tax levy is determined by the budgets set by local taxing entities such as cities, counties, and school districts.

Likewise, over-65 and disabled persons have a tax cap in place, so regardless of the increase in value they may not see as much of an increase in taxes.

As values increase tax rates need to go down.  Recent legislation lowered the amount a taxing entity can increase taxes over the prior year.  Actual taxes, however, will not be determined until the entities have adopted a tax rate in August and September.  If an entity does not intend to raise taxes, when the valuations go up, the tax rates are lowered to bring in the same revenue as the prior year.

Property owners who believe their property’s market value is incorrect have the right to file a protest with the appraisal district.  The deadline to file a protest is July 15, or the 30th day after the notice was sent.  It is also encouraged that if you would like to have your hearing expedited, please let us know, and/or please check the box on the protest form included in your notice that says “Do you want to expedite your hearing by waiving the required 15-day deadline notice date under TPTC Sec. 41.46?”.  Property owners who file via the portal can upload their evidence through their online account.  Protests and evidence will also be accepted by mail and through the drop box located outside the BCAD office (9293 Hwy 6).

The informal process, which allows property owners to receive a settlement offer from the appraisal district, will begin June 21.  During that time, property owners will have the opportunity to discuss their property with a BCAD appraiser.

Property owners who do not accept a settlement offer during the informal process will have the opportunity to present their case to the Bosque Appraisal Review Board (ARB), an independent group of citizens authorized to resolve disputes between taxpayers and the appraisal district.  ARB hearings are expected to begin in June 2022.

“We expect this to be the busiest protest season we have ever had.  Property owners should get their protests filed early to have the most opportunity to discuss their property with our appraisers.”

Property owners can find more information on market values and the protest process on BCAD’s website at www.BosqueCAD.com.

About the Bosque Central Appraisal District

Our Mission is to appraise all taxable property within the boundaries of The Bosque Central Appraisal District in an equal and uniform manner, recognizing we are a public service organization, serving both the taxing entities and the taxpayers.  We are committed to creating and maintaining a work environment that provides opportunities for personal growth and one that supports innovation.  The Bosque Central Appraisal District strives to earn and keep the public’s trust and confidence in the work we perform, striving to provide quality services and demonstrating a professional attitude.  For more information, please visit www.Bosquecad.com.


Bosque County Residential Homestead Values

2022 2021 2022 2021 2022
Tax Juris Average Total Market Average Total Market Average Taxable Value Average Taxable Value Homestead Sum New Construction
BOSQUE COUNTY $236,718 $178,595 $159,946 $139,746 $9,797,273
BOSQUE COUNTY HOSPITAL $236,718 $178,595 $139,024 $120,664 $9,797,273
CHINA SPRING ISD $279,460 $195,969 $137,954 $127,442 $36,354
CLIFTON CITY $196,003 $149,430 $135,996 $120,541 $545,078
CLIFTON ISD $257,546 $183,772 $127,003 $119,831 $2,020,095
CONS GROUNDWATER $236,718 $178,595 $159,946 $139,746 $9,797,273
CRANFILLS GAP CITY $126,912 $105,682 $78,050 $68,923 $142,012
CRANFILLS GAP ISD $248,640 $208,457 $128,104 $119,735 $355,103
ESD $236,718 $178,595 $159,946 $139,746 $9,797,273
HICO ISD $220,707 $202,982 $108,942 $108,286 $0
IREDELL CITY $127,044 $121,475 $92,287 $84,511 $0
IREDELL ISD $218,801 $183,398 $106,727 $100,710 $410,844
JONESBORO ISD $220,333 $208,667 $132,207 $129,645 $0
KOPPERL ISD $184,978 $145,364 $89,716 $84,116 $2,307,038
MERIDIAN CITY $183,243 $139,903 $113,278 $98,933 $196,722
MERIDIAN ISD $249,191 $204,721 $129,362 $116,847 $1,793,851
MORGAN CITY $101,245 $75,375 $63,546 $52,400 $192,896
MORGAN ISD $204,739 $166,396 $110,335 $110,381 $478,448
VALLEY MILLS CITY $205,377 $131,841 $127,430 $113,353 $8,935
VALLEY MILLS ISD $228,693 $159,218 $112,405 $106,613 $1,147,756
WALNUT SPRINGS CITY $124,167 $93,337 $87,692 $77,609 $464,510
WALNUT SPRINGS ISD $230,509 $175,150 $126,894 $120,581 $1,247,784